Our Love for Well Designed Nappy Bags

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Our Love for Well Designed Nappy Bags

Every Mum has experienced that wonderful moment when you manage to get everything you need for your outing into the nappy bag. Likewise, most of us have probably experienced the opposite frustration, "Why doesn't it fit?!" Sure, your bag is large and has plenty of pockets but for some reason, babies need so much stuff. Supplies for changing, supplies for feeding, supplies for play, supplies for a weather change. All of this even just for a couple of hours out and about with bubs, you never know what's going to happen. That's why Mums are experts at being prepared and no one should doubt our abilities.

That being said, here at Nature Babes we have sourced a selection of Nappy Bags that include all the features! They are stylish and elegant, Mumma you can still look amazing while toting around your survival pack! They are large yet lightweight, with loads of pockets that have a range of uses. There's nappy pockets, bottle pockets, even tissue pockets for you to discover. Most of our bags even come with stroller straps so you have the option to attach your bag to the stroller hassle free. And most of our bags are shower proof so you never have to worry about mother nature ruining your plans.

What are your favourite features in a nappy bag? Let us know below so we can work to expand our range with things you love!


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