Multi-use Muslin!

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Multi-use Muslin!

Muslin swaddles; a mother's best friend. Used for centuries muslin cloths have so many uses when it comes to a newborn. The soft and breathable material, usually cotton or bamboo, comes in so many gorgeous designs and colours these days that you don't have to feel guilty about owning so many. 

  • Muslin cloths can be used as a swaddle wrap for your baby during sleep time. They're warm, yet breathable and a cosy wrap reminds bubs of the womb.
  • The soft fabric is perfect as a gentle towel after bath time against soft and new skin.
  • Carry them with you when out and about to have a car seat cover, a stroller shade, a nursing cover, or even a play may to keep baby off the floor for tummy time.
  • Next to your feeding chair a muslin is perfect as a burp cloth and makes a quick clean up of expected or unexpected spit ups.
  • Muslin cloth is a popular choice for newborn cloth nappies as it is soft and absorbent. Next to the change table muslin cloth is even a wonder at helping with the dreaded but inevitable right-up-the-back poop explosions.

I'm sure there are more uses you can think of for the good old muslin square, it nearly goes without saying that they are on top of the essentials baby list! And to help with that Nature Babes has a HUGE range of muslin designs, just head over to our Swaddle collection to check them out!

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